Love for our guests and food at Gorm’s

Gorm’s is gastronomic unpretentious – and much more than world-class pizza!

At Gorm’s, we are passionate about creating an informal and unpretentious dining experience with present service and delicious food from great ingredients, whether you meet us in one of our pizza bars, in one of our restaurants, at a festival or at an event.

In our restaurants, in addition to our famous pizza, we serve an inviting selection of antipasti, a homemade pasta and a rustic main course made with lots of flavor and love. We have 3-course and 7-course menus, of course with, but also without, pizza.

We do our best for you, and have the shape that suits, whether you are for a quick bite, a nice date or a big family style dinner.

The original Gorm’s pizza is a chapter in itself
Our famous pizza is made with inspiration in the Roman pizza tradition, with a thin bottom and a crunchy crust. We push the limit with untraditional and challenging flavor combinations that always respect the gastronomic integrity.

We use only the best raw materials, regardless of whether they are brought home from the best producers and places of origin in Europe, or they come from our own Danish backyard. The base is still made with Gorm Wisweh’s original sourdough from 2008.

This means you can expect world-class pizza from carefully selected ingredients. Real, fresh mozzarella rather than strip cheese. A Margherita with buffalo mozzarella. A thin and crispy base on cold-raised sourdough. Homemade tomato sauce. And only the best toppings, where we are inspired by both Italian and Danish traditions.

Our pizza with its thin bottom and its tuned filling is a delicate experience, where you will experience a surprising lightness in the stomach and digestive system afterwards.
And if you want to save on calories, we have good news for you: Our bottom has about half the calorie content, compared to the usual “bread-heavy” pizza.

We make every effort every day to create the best experience for you as a guest.
– and we are happy when we have happy guests.
We are pure love for our food and our guests. And we are proud of that.


All of us at Gorm’s